The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning drops off upcoming tour

ABC/Randy HolmesThe Killers have announced that founding guitarist Dave Keuning will not join them on the band’s upcoming tour. In a statement posted to Twitter, the band writes that Keuning, who formed The Killers with frontman Brandon Flowers in 2001, is “taking a break from touring to spend time with his family.”

Keuning is the second Killers member to leave the band’s touring lineup — bassist Mark Stoermer announced last year that he’s also taking a break from the road. That leaves just Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. as the only Hot Fuss Killers you’ll see live when the band kicks off their North American tour in January.

“Despite conjecture, The Killers are the same four weirdos we’ve always been,” the band writes. “And worry not, we will not be performing as a two-piece.” Longtime touring members Ted Sablay and Jake Blanton will fill in for Keuning and Stoermer.

Even though they won’t be touring with the band, both Keuning and Stoermer played on The Killers’ forthcoming new album, Wonderful Wonderful, which will be released September 22.

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— The Killers (@thekillers) August 28, 2017