Josh Homme blames Robin Thicke for mucking up copyright law

Credit: Andreas Neumann The new Queens of the Stone Age song “The Way You Used to Do,” the lead single from the upcoming album Villains, isn’t shy about its inspiration — the track was influenced by everyone from ZZ Top to Shirley Bassey. That’s not something with which frontman Josh Homme has always been comfortable.

“It used to be, if anything had any hint of anybody else, I wouldn’t play it,” Homme tells Rolling Stone.  “Now, I don’t worry about things,” he adds. “Even though copyright law is really f***** up right now because of that dumb s*** Robin Thicke.”

In 2015, a Los Angeles jury found that Thicke’s 2013 smash, “Blurred Lines,” which he wrote with Pharrell Williams and T.I., violated the copyright of the Marvin Gaye 1977 hit “Got to Give It Up.”

“What a d*****bag,” Homme says of Thicke. “Talk about thick. Now the copyright law is like, ‘If it tastes like chicken, I guess you stole it.’ Thanks, a******.”

Still, Homme is much more concerned with delivering a worthy album with Villains, which arrives today.

“The minimum obligation if you get to be in a band for your life, and you’ve been doing it this long, is that you would throw everything into each record,” Homme says.

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