Kaleo talks Express headlining tour & teases future environmental videos

Credit: Alexandra ValentiAll aboard the Kaleo Express! The “Way Down We Go” rockers will kick off a North American tour this Friday, August 25 in Anaheim, California. The outing is only the fast-rising Icelandic band’s second U.S. headlining jaunt, following last year’s Handprint tour.

“Obviously it’s just been such a quick build for us,” frontman JJ Julius Son tells ABC Radio. “It’s super-exciting to just go from a small crowd and then now be performing for thousands of people.”

“Hopefully we’re a better band than last year, performance-wise,” he adds. “So it should be a good time.”

While Kaleo will be graduating to bigger venues on the Express tour, that’s nothing compared to literally playing inside a volcano or on top of an iceberg, as they’ve done in music videos. As for where you can go from there, Julius Son says he has “a few ideas” that he hopes to put into action “hopefully next summer, if not the next year.”

Earlier this summer, The xx tried to do something similar with their Night + Day festival, which was to be held beside Iceland’s Skógafoss waterfall. However, the festival was canceled due to environmental concerns.

“You got to be really careful with these kind of things,” Julius Son says of the canceled festival. “I mean, that would’ve probably just…totally drained the place, ’cause it really fragile.”

Julius Son would love for Kaleo to play at Skógafoss, provided that everything was environmentally stable.

“I thought it was a great idea,” he says. “So maybe someday.”

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