Islander premieres “Summer,” their first track with new lineup

Johnny Louis/FilmMagicIslander has shared a new song called “Summer.” It’s the first track from the band following the release of their 2016 sophomore album Power Under Control, as well as the first with the group’s brand-new lineup.

Speaking about “Summer,” frontman Mikey Carvajal tells Alternative Press, “We aren’t living in easy days, and I just want people to take a step back, relax and be good to one another, so we don’t have to just pretend like everything is okay on the Internet.”

Except for Carvajal, the entire Power Under Control lineup has been replaced by new members.

“Some of them had kids and wives, and it just didn’t financially make sense anymore,” Carvajal says. “”The new guys are killing it, [and] I couldn’t have asked for a better group of dudes.”

What’s more, Islander is currently a free agent after leaving their record label, though the band isn’t in a hurry to sign a new deal.

“We are taking it slow and making sure it’s a good fit before we ‘put a ring on it,’ so to speak,” says Carvajal.

Islander is currently touring the U.S., and they plan to return to the studio in the fall.

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