Slipknot has “27 pieces of work” for next album, says Clown

Epsilon/GettyBetween Corey Taylor‘s tour with Stone Sour and Shawn “Clown” Crahan‘s movie directing career, the members of Slipknot have a lot of their plate. Even still, the masked metallers have started to make headway on their next album.

“Every three or four months we’ve been getting together and we’ve been writing for up to 30 days,” Clown tells NME. “Currently, we have about 27 pieces of work — about seven or eight are completed. They’re not completed songs, that’s far from the truth.”

Crahan says that a number of Slipknot members will get together in September to continue work on said 27 pieces of work, and he adds that they might try to work towards making a double album.

“I would like to have a double album and I would like to have a concept album,” Clown says. “I’ve been speaking to Corey and [guitarist] Jim [Root] and we’re not just going to ‘do it,’ we’re not going to be contrived. It has to be right, it has to work for all of us.”

The next album will be Slipknot’s sixth, which holds special significance for Crahan. Each Slipknot member is identified by a number, and Clown’s number is — you guessed it — #6. But that’s not the only reason he’s excited for album number six.

“The number ‘six,’ besides being my personal number in Slipknot, is biblically, in computers, in maths, in whatever — the number six is a very important and structured number,” he says.

As for Slipknot’s next tour, Crahan promises that it will be as crazy as ever, but the band is also thinking about stripping things down.

“We’ve also been talking about bringing it down to a small club tour,” he says. “I need to come back to that epiphany of where we began.”

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