Rep for Chris Christie denies Jon Bon Jovi used Patrick Carney to avoid talking to New Jersey governor

Rick Kern/WireImageA rep for Chris Christie has denied a story about Jon Bon Jovi using The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney to avoid talking to the New Jersey governor at a party.

To back up a bit: Carney gave an interview with Vice News in November 2016 in which the drummer explains he once met Bon Jovi at a party, and the New Jersey rocker started talking to him “really intensely.”

“I was like, ‘Wow, why does Jon Bon Jovi want to talk to me?'” Carney remembers. “But I realized it was just because he didn’t want to talk to Chris Christie.”

Carney’s comments surfaced again this week, and the New York Post‘s Page Six reached out to a rep for Governor Christie, who dismissed the story as “completely ridiculous.”

“The governor and first lady are personal friends with Jon and [his wife] Dorothea,” the rep says.

Bon Jovi supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but he’s allowed Christie, who’s also a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, to use his music for political events.

“My friendships are apolitical. And yes, I absolutely gave [Christie] permission to use my songs,” Bon Jovi said in 2015.

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