All That Remains shares dramatic video for cover of Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls”

Credit: Dave JacksonOn their new album Madness, All That Remains recorded a cover of the Garth Brooks song “The Thunder Rolls.” The moody, dramatic clip is streaming now via

The original “The Thunder Rolls” video starred the country singer as a philandering husband who cheats on and physically abuses his wife. At the end of the clip the wife shoots her husband, which caused a whole lot of controversy when it was first released in 1991.

For their version of the video, All That Remains opted for a less narrative-heavy approach, instead cutting between shaky footage of the band performing in the studio and images of ominous storm clouds and galloping horses. It does nod to the original clip with shots of a woman burning a photo of a cowboy hat-clad man.

“We didn’t want to seem like we’re trying to step on the toes of the original but at the same time we weren’t trying to change the message of the song,” frontman Phil Labonte tells Billboard. “I felt like something less specific would work best.”

All That Remains is touring the U.S. throughout the summer in support of Madness, and they’re playing a few festival dates with Five Finger Death Punch. Labonte sang with Five Finger late last year in place of lead vocalist Ivan Moody, who left that tour due to an unspecified illness. Moody also dropped out of FFDP’s European tour this summer as he continues to battle with addiction.

“I’m hoping that Ivan can go ahead and pull his stuff together,” Labonte says. “It’s hard. I’ve been there. You’ve got to want to quit, and I’m pulling for Ivan to get there.”

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