Pete Wentz compares new Fall Out Boy album “Mania” to a “hard restart” and Fruity Pebbles

ABC/Fred LeeFrom the new singles “Young and Menace” and “Champion,” it’s clear that Fall Out Boy is experimenting with new sounds on their forthcoming album Mania. In fact, bassist Pete Wentz describes the album as a “hard restart that clears the cache and erases the hard drive.”

“I think that’s what “Young and Menace” was — a big palette cleanse,” Wentz tells Rolling Stone. “I think it gave us the space to create something brand new.” 

While “Young and Menace” isn’t exactly representative of Mania from a sonic perspective — it’s “the only song on the record so far that sounds vaguely like a kitten chasing a laser around,” says Wentz — the album does carry a connecting lyrical theme.

“The world can be a big lonely place, especially for kids who are trying to figure themselves out,” Wentz says. “I think sometimes we can forget that…that’s who Mania is meant to speak to. That’s who I want to reach.”

“I don’t think that kids should feel like they need to adjust their empathy or selves to the world,” he adds. “I’d rather give them the belief that they can adjust the world to fit their empathy.”

As for how Mania will fit in with the rest of Fall Out Boy’s discography, Wentz uses a metaphor involving The Flinstones and Fruity Pebbles cereal.

“The way that you can still find Fruity Pebbles cereal in every grocery store, even though the show The Flintstones is hardly as pervasive as it once was,” Wentz explains. “I think that’s the goal of the record: to outlive the brand and exist on its own.”

Mania will be released September 15.

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