Cage the Elephant wants to write “hard” songs for next album

Credit: Ira ChernovaCage the Elephant has started work on their next studio album, and frontman Matt Shultz tells Billboard that the band already has written a “bunch of new material.” With the new music, Shultz says he hopes to challenge himself and the rest of the band.

“I’d love to write a song like [Kanye West‘s] ‘Black Skinhead,'” he maintains. “Something that hard.”

As Cage continues to feel out the direction of the new material, Shultz promises that the band isn’t “going to just roll over and be that token rock band.”

“That is not what we’re about,” he says. “We’re going to push ourselves in as many directions as we possibly can. At this stage in your life, [what you do] becomes a testimony to the greater picture.”

In the meantime, you can listen to Cage the Elephant’s new live album, Unpeeled, which is out now.

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