Green Day-produced doc “Turn It Around” explores the legends and “unsung people” of East Bay punk

ABC/Heidi GutmanThe new documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk explores the history of the California music scene that birthed bands like Green Day, Rancid and The Offspring. Green Day themselves executive-produced the film, which is narrated by Iggy Pop.  Director Corbett Redford tells ABC Radio how Billie Joe Armstrong and company helped him bring the East Bay scene to film.

“One [piece of advice] was don’t mystify nostalgia,” Redford says, “to the point that you might make people think that they missed some sort of legendary train, like they couldn’t recreate something like this themselves.”

To tat end, along with interviewing the likes of Armstrong, Kirk Hammett and Duff McKagan, Redford spotlighted fixtures of the scene that are unknown to the general public.

“We certainly tried to include a lot of…the unsung people,” says Redford. “And to hear Green Day speak so highly of a lot of these people that nobody knows about, it was wonderful to see.”

The main focus of Turn It Around is Gilman, an all-ages, DIY venue that served as the hub for the East Bay punk scene. The film profiles a ton of the bands that passed through Gilman, but focuses on two in particular with a connected narrative: Green Day, and Tim Armstrong‘s pre-Rancid band, Operation Ivy.

“Green Day opened Operation Ivy’s last show, and it was kind of the prescient thing,” says Redford. “They were filling the void, in some sense, as Operation Ivy left.” 

Turn It Around opens in New York City today, and will travel the country in conjunction with Green Day’s summer U.S. tour. For screening info, visit

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