Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age plan to “take over the…world together”

ABC/Travis BellFoo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age will be releasing their respective new albums, Concrete and Gold and Villains, within weeks of each other later this year — albums the two bands actually recorded just blocks away from each other.

Speaking with Music Week, drummer Taylor Hawkins says that the close proximity buoyed a “good competitive spirit” between the Foos and the Queens.  “It’s like we want to make a better record than them, and they want to make a better record than us,” says Hawkins.

“I’d listen to what Queens were doing and it would be quintessential Queens. It sounds great,” adds Foo frontman Dave Grohl. “And [QotSA frontman] Josh [Homme] would come over and listen to our stuff, I remember we were playing him [Concrete and Gold track] ‘Arrows,’ and he’s like, ‘God, I’m so glad you’re finally making a dark record.’ I think we inspired each other.”

Queens of the Stone Age will be performing at the Foo-curated Cal Jam 17 festival in October, and there may be more Foos of the Stone Age collaborations forthcoming.

“Josh and I were texting the other day, and we just thought, ‘Well, let’s just go take over the f****** world together,'” says Grohl. “Let’s do it, why not?”

Perhaps said world conquering will include a Them Crooked Vultures reunion.

Villains will be released August 25, and Concrete and Gold arrives September 15.

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