DED plans to “freak out” on tour with Korn

Suretone RecordsDED kicks off their tour opening for Korn tonight, July 19 in Syracuse, New York. The “Anti-Everything” rockers promise that you can expect one thing from their set: “intensity.”

“I don’t even know what to do with myself sometimes, I just wanna, like, freak out and explode when we’re on stage,” lead vocalist Joe Cotela tells ABC Radio.

It only takes hearing the first note from DED’s breakthrough single “Anti-Everything” to realize Korn’s influence on the band. DED took a lot of pointers from the nu-metal scene in crafting their debut album Mis•an•thrope, which will be released this Friday, July 21.

“They were dangerous and they were interesting, but they were still universal sounding,” Cotela says of bands like Korn and System of a Down. “We really thought that what we wanted to try to do was fill that void, or at least accomplish that type of thing.”

As a whole, DED feels that Mis•an•thrope is a very “diverse” album.

“We’ll listen to a style of a song and go, ‘We need that, I want that. I want a song that makes 20,000 people jump. Now I want a song that makes 20,000 mosh pit. I want a song that makes 20,000 people sing along,'” says guitarist David Ludlow. “Every song takes on its own identity, so there’s a lot of different flavors on there.”

One of those flavors is the ballad “Beautiful,” which Cotela describes as a mix between Nine Inch Nails‘ “Hurt” and Staind‘s “It’s Been Awhile.”

“That song’s just completely about vanity and about social media and media,” Cotela says of “Beautiful.” And how we just have all these ridiculous standards for ourselves that are just unrealistic, I think, for so many people.”

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