Blink-182’s Matt Skiba credits his “witchy ways” for canceling Fyre Festival

ABC/Paula LoboBefore news of the infamous Fyre Festival collapse flooded social media, Blink-182 announced they that were pulling out of the event. In an interview with NME, vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba says he used “every inch of my energy” to stop the Fyre Festival from happening.

“I had a bad feeling about that event,” says Skiba. “I consider myself a pagan and a witch. With every inch of my energy I wanted Fyre not to happen. I put all the electricity and energy in my body against that thing happening.”

The Fyre Festival was scheduled to take place in April on an island in the Bahamas. Organizers promised a “luxury” experience and accommodations, but attendees instead were greeted with poor quality food and disaster relief tents. Billy McFarland, who co-founded the festival with rapper Ja Rule, has since been arrested on fraud charges.

“We pulled out for technical and logistical issues and the rest of it crumbled to s*** because that’s what it was,” says Skiba. “It was bulls***. I used my witchy ways and it seemed to work.”

“I’ll take responsibility and everyone can blame me. Shazam,” he continues. “I was on my couch feeling somewhat guilty, but very relieved that I wasn’t there with people stealing from each other.”

Blink-182 is currently on tour in the U.K. They’ll return to the U.S. later this month for their co-headlining stadium dates with Linkin Park.

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