Muse premieres AI-fueled “Dig Down” lyric video

Credit: Danny ClinchMuse has shared a new lyric video for their single “Dig Down,” which they created with the help of artificial intelligence.

The clip uses an A.I. program to comb through hours and hours of online footage of people uttering the words that appear in the lyrics to “Dig Down.”  It then put them together to make it appear that different celebrities, politicians and artists are “singing” the track. You can watch it all unfold via

Tomorrow, a new version of the video will premiere, featuring different instances of different people reciting the “Dig Down” lyrics. In fact, Muse will release a new A.I.-fueled “Dig Down” lyric video every day for the next month.

In between working with artificial intelligence, Muse is spending their summer touring with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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