Is Adele the mystery “biggest pop star in the world” on the new Foo Fighters album? Dave Grohl remains cagey

Roswell Records/RCA RecordsLast week, Dave Grohl revealed that the new Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold features “probably the biggest pop star in the world” singing back-up vocals on “one of the heaviest songs on the record.” Many have guessed that the mystery star is Adele, given her work with Greg Kurstin, who produced Concrete and Gold.

In an interview with NME, Grohl is asked whether Adele appears on the album, but the Foo frontman remains cagey, instead listing off the litany of stars he’d see while recording at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles.

“You might have Shania Twain having a record-release party, or the guy from Deep Purple hanging out with Jason Bonham, or Justin Timberlake would be in for a couple of weeks, or Lady Gaga working with these other cats from Nashville,” says Grohl. “And every so often we’d be like, ‘Hey, wanna come sing some backing vocals?’ and they’d just f****** do it.”

“It was loose and random: everyone was hanging out, drinking whiskey, having a good time,” he continues. “I never went to college, but it’s what I imagine a dormitory’s like.”

While the mystery of the “biggest pop star in the world” remains, Grohl did reveal one Concrete and Gold guest: Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather and The Kills. She sings on a song called “La Dee Da,” and she joined the Foos to perform it at Poland’s Open’er Festival Thursday.

Concrete and Gold will be released September 15.

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