Corey Taylor commends Chester Bennington for “standing up” for Linkin Park’s new sound

ABC/Randy HolmesLinkin Park‘s poppy new album One More Light has been nothing if not polarizing, and frontman Chester Bennington has done his part to feed that fire by claiming he’ll “punch you in your…mouth” if you accuse the band of selling out.

While that quote wasn’t exactly well-received, Corey Taylor, for one, commends Bennington for defending Linkin Park’s new sound.

“At least Chester’s standing up for his new s*** instead of hiding behind a wall of rhetoric because they’re afraid of not making money,” the Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman tells Alternative Press. “Linkin Park is at least trying to do something different.”

“I understand why the reaction to what he said was what it was, but he’s got a point, man,” Taylor continues. “F*** you if you don’t like the new s***.”

Taylor believes his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour is fueled by that spirit.

“People are so afraid of risk, that the only way you really win is if you risk,” he says. “And that’s all we’ve done our whole career.”

Stone Sour’s new album Hydrograd arrives today, June 30.

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