Royal Blood “started from scratch” to craft sophomore album, “How Did We Get So Dark?”

ABC/Randy HolmesRoyal Blood‘s new album How Did We Get So Dark? arrives today. While it’s the sophomore effort from the British duo — bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher — they actually felt like they were making a debut album.

“This one was a conscious effort,” Kerr tells ABC Radio of How Did We Get So Dark? “Our first album [2014’s Royal Blood] was just this, I guess…patchwork of demos, really, that was recorded all over the place and ended up being an album by just throwing it all on the same disc.”

“Whereas as this one,” Kerr continues, “the slate was clean and we started from scratch.”

Thanks to its title, How Did We Get So Dark? immediately poses a question, and Kerr feels the answer is open for interpretation.

“We have our own interpretation of it, and other people will have their own,” he says. “But yeah, I guess it is somewhat of a vague statement covering some of the themes on the album.”

While the name of the lead single from How Did We Get So Dark?, “Lights Out,” looks like it might be a hint to solving the album’s question, but Kerr says the “light” and “dark” imagery in the two titles is simple “coincidence.” However, “Lights Out” was instrumental in deciding Royal Blood’s sonic approach to the album.

“When that song came about, it set the tone for the rest of the album, really,” Kerr explains. “It was almost like the blueprint, really.”

He adds, “The way we’d developed the sound, the tricks we’d used on it, we kind of carried over to the other tunes that we were working on.” 

Royal Blood will kick off a U.S. headlining tour at the end of July.

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