Coldplay releases “Hypnotised” app, co-created by Brian Eno

Image Group LA/ABCColdplay has released an app based on their song “Hypnotised.” The free app, which was co-created by ambient music master Brian Eno, is available now for iPhone and Android.

“The app has two purposes,” Coldplay explains. “First, if you’re going to one of our shows, please play the app when we play the song ‘Hypnotised’ — it will sound magical.”

“Second,” they continue. “Wherever you happen to be, the app will work really well while the song ‘Hypnotised’ is playing on another device.”

What all that means is that when the app hears “Hypnotised,” it will create its own melody based on the track. You can expand upon that melody by tapping the screen to add new notes.

“Hypnotised” is a track off of Coldplay’s upcoming EP Kaleidoscope, which is due out June 30. You’ll be able to use the app on the band’s North Ameican tour, which kicks off in August.

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