Lars Ulrich-starring film “Radio Dreams” explores the struggles of immigration and the power of music

ABC/Randy HolmesMetallica‘s Lars Ulrich makes an appearance in Radio Dreams, a fictional film about an Iranian immigrant working at a Persian language radio station in San Francisco, who tries to arrange a meeting between real life band Kabul Dreams and Metallica. Kabul Dreams, Afghanistan’s first rock band, has “an incredible, moving story,” Ulrich feels.

Speaking with ABC Radio, Ulrich explains that Kabul Dreams didn’t have access to the things American and Western artists do: instruments, rehearsal spaces and “infrastructure that supports music and rock n’ roll bands.”

“When you know their whole background, obviously it’s an incredible, moving story,” Ulrich says.

While the potential meeting between Kabul Dreams and Metallica drives the plot of Radio Dreams, the movie’s really about the struggles of the radio station’s staff as they adapt to living in America.  As a Danish man who moved to the U.S., Ulrich says he can relate to those themes “at a certain level,” but acknowledges his immigration story is much different from that of the film’s characters.

“I came from a Western society into a different Western society. They come from something very different into probably one of the most advanced cities on this planet, where people are plotting the future,” he laughs. “So you could only imagine the extremes of that transition.”

Radio Dreams is also about the power of music to bring people together, which Ulrich has seen firsthand countless times, including when Metallica played Abu Dhabi.

“You see the flags from all these different countries,” he says. “Everybody’s sharing [an] experience at the same time and leaving all their differences at the entrance to the concert, and we’re up on stage being a part of that….that’s a really cool thing.” 

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