Eagles of Death Metal drummer Julian Dorio writes open letter to Manchester: “I am heartbroken for you”

Stefan M. Prager/RedfernsJulian Dorio was playing drums for Eagles of Death Metal the night of November 13, 2015, when terrorists opened fire on the crowd at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, France, killing 89 people. In the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing at an Ariana Grande concert last week, Dorio has written an open letter to the survivors of the attack, posted to Billboard.com.

“I am heartbroken for you,” Dorio writes. “As I watched the news of that terrible night from my home in Nashville…4,000 miles away, my central nervous system responded like a chemical reaction. I thought, ‘Not again.'”

“Yet since that awful moment, I’m awed by the testimonies of your courage and intrepid spirit,” he continues.

Dorio writes that he’s “not going to tell you to look on the bright side, to be grateful, that it could be worse. …The loss is devastating,” he says. Instead, he encourages the survivors to “be kind to yourself and have mercy on each other.”

“Lean on one another. Not just in Manchester but around the world. Paris, Orlando, Nice — the list grows intolerably long,” Dorio writes. “Although all our experiences are unique, there is a common bond between us. You’re now a member of a club you never asked to join. If you want to be brave, if you want to be strong, seek help. Vulnerability is the gateway to mending the heart.”

Finally, Dorio acknowledges how “difficult attending another concert will be.” “But as a musician,” he writes. “I see no other choice.”

“I commend Ariana Grande and her crew for so boldly recognizing that,” Dorio says. “As a unified people, the restorative power of song is the ultimate sign of resistance. Life without music is incomplete.”

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