Dan Auerbach “always felt some sort of connection” to Gregg Allman: “It’s the foundation of what I do”

Easy Eye SoundDan Auerbach has offered his thoughts on the passing of rock legend Gregg Allman, who died on Saturday at age 69. In a piece for RollingStone.com, The Black Keys frontman says that since he grew up with his dad playing Allman Brothers Band records, he feels as though Gregg’s music is a part of his DNA.

“I had family from Georgia and we had reunion photos that looked like the inside photo of [the Allman Brothers Band album] Brothers and Sisters,” Auerbach says. “So I always felt some sort of connection, along with the music being on all the time. This was all before I knew I wanted to be a musician.”

When he did realize he wanted a music career, Auerbach says, Allman “definitely influenced the way I sing.”

“‘Midnight Rider,’ in particular, had this mystical quality, that type of rolling rhythm with Gregg’s voice on top,” Auerbach writes. “Everything I’ve ever done is based on that — a funky groove with soulful singing. It’s the foundation of what I do.”

“I didn’t intentionally try to sound like that, but when I go back and listen now, I’m surprised by how much I was influenced by that sound, even subconsciously,” he adds. “Gregg was an old soul from the git-go. I don’t know how he did it.”

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