Tom DeLonge reflects on and hints at new Box Car Racer

Credit: Johnny BuzzerioFifteen years ago, Blink-182‘s Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker released their first and only album as Box Car Racer. To commemorate the milestone, DeLonge reflects on the legacy of the self-titled record in an interview with Billboard.

“It’s a mainstream version of the post-hardcore and punk rock influences in my life, but it’s also very artistic,” DeLonge says. “I think we did something with the recording of that record that’s never been done for the most part, where the variances and volume and sonic scope are just extreme.”

Box Car Racer was released in between Blink’s 2001 album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and their 2003 self-titled effort, and caused a bit of a rift between DeLonge and Mark Hoppus.

“It’s funny because it’s kind of like [Box Car Racer] was the best and worst thing for [Blink-182],” DeLonge says. “It was the beginning of a lot of tension in the band but it was also the thing that led us to writing way better songs, so what do you do?”

As for a possible Box Car Racer reunion with Barker, DeLonge, who left Blink-182 in 2015, plays it coy.

“Well I’m not going to spill any beans, but Travis and I talk all the time,” says DeLonge. “There was always talk of Box Car Racer; we’ve talked about it for a very long time.”

“We’ve gotten offers to bring it back. I don’t know if it was like Coachella, but we’ve had things like that pop up from time to time,” he adds. “Whether we come out with some big announcement or we’re ready to say, ‘Hey, this is happening,’ I don’t know any of those kinds of details.”

A vinyl reissue of Box Car Racer is out now.

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