“Middle Fingers” reflects the everyday lives of the “a-holes” in Missio

RCA RecordsThrow your middle fingers in the air in celebration: Missio‘s new album Loner is out now. The first full-length effort from the Austin, Texas-based duo features their breakthrough single “Middle Fingers,” a song producer/multi-instrumentalist David Butler says “fits our personality.”

“That’s kinda the way we are in our everyday lives,” Butler tells ABC Radio. “If you were to just take a peek into our lives and the way we interact, you might be like, ‘Man, those guys are a-holes to each other.’ But we just say things like we feel ’em in the moment.”

He adds, “In essence, that’s like the honesty that comes through in all the lyrics across the whole record.”

What “Middle Fingers” is not, though, is a political statement, even if some listeners have taken it that way.

“What I like about the song is that it can mean anything to anybody,” says Butler. “It’s a response that you can have, saying, ‘I’m not gonna let this situation define me.’ So it makes sense that a lot of people do take it politically, and that’s cool, whatever that means to you, but that wasn’t our motivation.”

As for how “Middle Fingers” reflects the rest of Loner, lead vocalist Matthew Brue says the album is “very diverse” musically.  Butler, however, considers the album to be “Matthew’s story,” and says “Middle Fingers” provides a “nice overhead view” of that story.  In fact, the album’s title, Loner, is taken from a line in “Middle Fingers.”

“‘Loner’ is probably one of the best words that I think we could come up with to kind of overall, one-word stamp it, on what every song is kinda centered about,” says Butler.

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