Trent Reznor is “extremely accessible” and “humble,” says Todd Rundgren

Cleopatra RecordsTrent Reznor guests on the new Todd Rundgren song “Deaf Ears,”  a track from the veteran rocker’s latest album, White Knight. The two musicians have worked together before, and Rundgren calls the Nine Inch Nails frontman an “extremely accessible guy.”

“You know, for the kind of dark music that he makes, he’s nothing like that as a person,” Rundgren tells ABC Radio. “He’s very humble and very enthusiastic about the music and stuff.”

When Rundgren approached him about contributing to White Night, Reznor “sent me, like, a whole album’s worth of ideas.”

“He does a lot of soundtrack work nowadays and…anytime he’s got an idea he’ll catalog it, use it for some future project,” says Rundgren. “So, getting a window into that library was a real sort of a privilege. I got my pick of all these ideas, all of which were different.”

White Knight is out now. In addition to guesting on the album version of “Deaf Ears,” Reznor also released a Nine Inch Nails mix of the track.

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