Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind: Rag’n’Bone Man’s success with “Human” was a “massive surprise”

Columbia RecordsRag’n’Bone Man has made a name for himself with his breakthrough single “Human,” but the success of the track came as a “massive surprise” to the British singer-songwriter.

“[‘Human’] was gonna be a set-up to another single that we thought was gonna be what we hoped would be the big one,” the musician, born Rory Graham, tells ABC Radio. “But it turns out that people really liked ‘Human,’ which is not a bad thing at all, ’cause I love the song.”

As for why “Human” has connected so strongly with listeners, Graham feels the answer is a “combination of two things.”

“I think people like the lyric, and…I feel like it doesn’t sound like anything that’s on the radio,” he says.

Speaking about the message behind the song’s lyrics, Graham explains, “People maybe complain a little bit too much about stuff that doesn’t need to be complained about…if you take a step back and realize that you’ve actually got it quite good.”

While the lyrical side of “Human” is pretty straightforward, musically, the track mixes together a whole lot of styles and genres.

“The bass line bit came first, and that dictated how it moved,” Graham explains. “And I had a feeling that it should sound blues, gospel-y, but have this kind of hip-hop backbone.”

“Human” is the title track off of Rag’n’Bone Man’s debut full-length album, which is out now.

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