Meet DED: White-eyed, “Anti-Everything” nu-metal-inspired rockers

Suretone RecordsDED‘s new single “Anti-Everything” has been making noise on the airwaves, and the band will be bringing the track to rock festivals this spring, including this weekend’s Carolina Rebellion. While the title “Anti-Everything” might seem like a negative statement, lead vocalist Joe Cotela feels it actually has a positive message.

“It turned into kind of an anthem about individuality and about a place of frustration in the modern world,” Cotela tells ABC Radio.

Musically, you may get Korn vibes from “Anti-Everything,” and the track’s video was directed by none other than Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. The members of DED grew up listening to nu-metal bands like Bizkit, which they used as a jumping off point for their sound.

“We fused it with a lot of our modern influences, and we wanted to just take the best of everything that we like and make our own thing out of it,” says Cotela. “So there’s punk in there, there’s hip-hop, there’s alternative, there’s pop, there’s metal, hardcore, everything mixed together.”

If you catch DED live, you may also notice that all the band members are wearing white, opaque contact lenses, which they say represents them “closing off the window to the soul.” They also wear the lenses off-stage, too.

“If I walk around in public, I’ll go to the gas station or a restaurant or something, I’ve had people drop stuff when they look at me,” says guitarist David Ludlow.

“And that’s one of the best reactions I could possibly get. ‘Cause then if they see the eyes in combination with the music, it’s completely overwhelming,” he adds. “And that’s exactly what we’ve always wanted.” 

DED will be opening for Korn on their The Summer of Serenity tour.

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