Debut album from Dead Cross, Mike Patton & Dave Lombardo’s new band, is “jarring” and “unsettling”

Ipecac RecordingsDead Cross, the hardcore band featuring ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Faith No More frontman Mike Patton, will release their self-titled debut album on August 4.

For a preview of Dead Cross, you can download the 119-second track “Grave Slave” now on iTunes.

“Patton’s vocal range and intensity are on full blast throughout this entire album,” says Lombardo in a statement. “This song is a two-minute example of what it’s like to travel through the depths of his brain while [bassist Justin Pearson], [guitarist Michael] Crain and myself commandeer the vehicle.”

“It’s jarring, aggressive and unsettling.” he adds. “We’re coming at you hardcore, but leaving you with a kiss.”

Dead Cross will be performing at Chicago’s Riot Fest this fall, with future tour dates to be announced soon.

Here is the Dead Cross track list:

“Seizure and Desist”
“Obedience School”
“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”
“Divine Filth”
“Grave Slave”
“The Future Has Been Cancelled”
“Gag Reflex”
“Church of the Motherf*****s”

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