Rise Against claims video shoot was shut down for being “anti-government”

Virgin RecordsRise Against‘s video shoot for their new single “The Violence” was shut down for being “anti-government,” according to a Facebook post from the band.

“The song talks about whether violence is an inevitability of the human condition, or whether it’s a choice we make, and therefore, can reject,” Rise Against explains in a statement. “The video would attempt to distill this concept. Our director approached us with the idea of filming in a field full of the presidential busts.”

“Our permit to shoot the video was initially granted, but subsequently pulled by the board of directors who oversee the location,” the band continues. “The reason? They decided we were ‘anti-government.'”

Rise Against adds the shut-down has only strengthened their resolve to “unapologetically [speak] truth to power.”

“In that respect, we wear the board’s rejection as a badge of honor,” they write. “We will just find another door to claw at.”

“The Violence” is the lead single from Rise Against’s forthcoming new album Wolves, which will be released June 9.

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