Tune in: Watch Pearl Jam get inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Courtesy of Rock & Roll Hall of FamePearl Jam was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month, and HBO is airing highlights from the ceremony during a special premiering this Saturday, April 29.

David Letterman did the honor of officially welcoming the grunge vets into the Rock Hall, and the band performed their songs “Given to Fly,” “Better Man” and “Alive,” that last one with Dave Krusen on drums for the first time in 25 years.

“I love these people so much,” a grateful Eddie Vedder said of his band mates during his speech. “We love hanging out, and we love touring, we love playing, we love writing, we love recording.”

Leading up to the ceremony, there was some controversy over which of Pearl Jam’s drummers would be inducted as part ofh the band. Out of the five people to play drums in Pearl Jam over the band’s career — Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese, Jack Irons and Matt Cameron — only original drummer Krusen and current member Cameron were inducted, which did not sit well with Abbruzzese.

Still, Pearl Jam publicly invited all five drummers to attend the event, and Vedder thanked each of them during his speech, including Abbruzzese.

“We had the great Dave Abbruzzese, he was a great drummer,” he said. “He is a great drummer, he’s a great f****** drummer, and we wish him well.”

Vedder also gave a special shout-out to Cameron, who is Pearl Jam’s longest-tenured drummer.

“We’re so fortunate, every one of [our drummers] was great,” Vedder said. “But Matt Cameron has really been the one that really kept us alive for this last 15, 16, 17 years.”

The 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony airs this Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on HBO.

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