Life of Agony preps “ferocious,” “melodic” new album, “A Place Where There’s No More Pain”

Napalm RecordsLife of Agony returns this Friday with A Place Where There’s No More Pain, the band’s first album in 12 years. It’s also the their first new album since lead vocalist Mina Caputo, formerly known as Keith Caputo, came out as transgender in 2011.

“I used to look at my old friend Keith kinda miserable on stage,” bassist Alan Robert tells ABC Radio, to which Caputo adds, “‘Cause I was.”

“And now my friend Mina is so happy, and that energy comes across,” Robert says.

While Caputo is certainly in a happier state, she characterizes happiness as a “fleeting emotion.”

“Yeah I’m free, but I’m not 100 per cent free,” she says. “I’m still a tortured soul, in a sense, but I have a tighter grip on my torture.”

With a song like the album’s title track, though, Caputo and Life of Agony look for 100% happiness and freedom, even if they’re not sure they can find it.

“What I get from the song is, like, this place [that] I’m not sure really exists,” Caputo says. “I’m not sure if nature intended it to exist.”

But on the musical side of things, Life of Agony feels that they’ve at last found the sound they’ve always wanted with A Place Where There’s No More Pain.

“Finally, after all these years, after all this life experience and making all the records that we have, together and separately, I feel like life experience allowed us to get the best, most ferocious, most melodic moments [on the album],” says Caputo. 

A Place Where There’s No More Pain will be released this Friday, April 28.

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