Bring Me the Horizon’s new album won’t be a “pop record” or “super, super heavy”

Credit: Danny BaldwinEarlier this month, Bring Me the Horizon wrapped up their American Nightmare headlining tour in support of their album That’s the Spirit. As that record cycle begins to wind down, the band is starting to look toward new material.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1, keyboardist Jordan Fish says BMTH doesn’t know exactly what their next album will sound like, but he’s pretty sure what it won’t sound like.

“It’s not going to be a pop record,” he says. “That’s something I don’t think we would ever do, like a straight, boring pop record. It’s not going to be a super, super-heavy record either. Those are the two things I don’t think it will be.”

“I think we’ll probably take bits from what we did on Sempiternal, bits from what we did on That’s the Spirit and take it off in another direction,” Fish continues. “As long as it’s interesting and exciting, then that’s all I really care about.”

With That’s the Spirit, Bring Me the Horizon experimented with poppier sounds, which did alienate some of those who were fans of the band’s earlier, heavier style.

“I understand there’s probably a load of people who want us to be super heavy, and there’s a load of people who only like the last album and don’t like the heavier stuff,” says Fish. “That’s just the nature of being in a band that’s changed styles so much across the course of their career.”

“I think for us, we just want to write something good,” he adds. “Where it sits genre-wise is something someone else can worry about.”

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