Royal Blood’s new single “Lights Out” influenced by Daft Punk

Credit: Eliot Lee HazelRoyal Blood‘s new song “Lights Out,” the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark?, continues the band’s style of heavy drums and distorted bass riffs, but the track was influenced by a group not really known for either: Daft Punk.

“We were going for a Daft Punk thing quite a lot and trying to f*** with the rock thing, I guess,” frontman Mike Kerr tells NME. “What would Daft Punk do if they wrote a rock tune?”

Meanwhile, Kerr describes the album’s closing track, called “Sleep,” as a “Black Sabbath hip-hop tune.”

Even with Daft Punk and hip-hop influences, Kerr feels How Did We Get So Dark? is still a meat-and-potatoes record that focuses on his bass and Ben Thatcher‘s drums.

“The songs we felt really excited about didn’t involve having synths or guitars,” Kerr says. “It’s funny, the moment we added anything like that, our songs went from sounding huge to really not that cool and small. It made it ordinary.”

“We’re a pretty tight-knit team,” he adds. “It’s kind of like bringing your mate on a date. They’re just going to kill the vibe.”

How Did We Get So Dark? will be released June 16.

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