Danzig meets the “Devil on Hwy 9” with new single

Gary Miller/WireImageDanzig has premiered the first single from their upcoming new album, Black Laden Crown. The track is called “Devil on Hwy 9,” and it’s streaming now on YouTube.

Black Laden Crown will be released May 26. It’s the first album of original material from Danzig since 2010’s Deth Red Sabaoth.

In conjunction with the album release, Danzig will headline the Blackest of the Black festival, held May 26-27 in Silverado, California. The festival, created by Glenn Danzig himself, also features performances from Suicidal Tendencies, Ministry and Atreyu, plus an attraction called Castle Danzig, which boasts a “sacrifice alter,” a “padded cell” and a “bondage stage.”

Here is the Black Laden Crown track list:

“Black Laden Crown”
“Eyes Ripping Fire”
“Devil on Hwy 9”
“Last Ride”
“The Witching Hour”
“But a Nightmare”
“Skulls & Daisies”
“Blackness Falls”
“Pull the Sun”

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